Social Media and its impact

Social networking is an internet based platform that facilitates communication across the global. With technology getting to the next level every single day, social networking sites play the part of keeping the world close and prevents it from falling apart due to failure in communication. Social media is being adored and used by the young and old alike. They cater to the needs of every single user. But if there is one generation that is deeply benefitted by these networking sites, it the millennium generation. Because these networking sites were also born only during the 1990s making it a product of the millennium generation.

So the millennium kids especially the 90’s born grew too fond of these growing online sites. It is this generation that got their previous generation use networking sites and made them love technology. So it was the 90’s children who faced the impact of social media at large. There was a large transition in the way in which they communicated. Now over social networking site, endless things are possible and communication is just a part of it. Gone are the days where the internet platform was used recreationally. Now everything that we do both professionally and personally happens over the internet.

Social Media and its impact

Positive impacts of social media:

  • ‘Wait’ is not a word of the present generation. Right from study notes to currency notes everything happens over gadgets
  • The entry of e-commerce pattern of trade seems to serve a great purpose. Shop and shortlist anytime, randomly change your sleep hours and do stuff that you like.
  • Staying connected with the whole is possible only with the help of social media.
  • Communication facilities are really fast with the coming of social media. This also helps open up and share things.
  • Social media had shrunk the whole world into a small digitally connected village. Society has made sure that everybody gets the freedom to write and speak globally as far as you don’t hurt the feelings of an individual or group.
  • Every online social networking site today can do much more than mere sharing of things with friends and family. They help you buy products and sell goods online but always make sure to generate a physical copy of these e-bills for future reference.
  • So if there endless good things that social media can contribute, that must also be a gray side to it.

Negative impacts of social media:

  • Which almost all your private stuff going global networking sites lack privacy.
  • When there is uncertainty with regard to privacy, a media platform will not ensure safety
  • Teens and young adults stay glued to their smartphones and desktops. Parents cannot always have a watch if their child is doing the right thing and isn’t misled.


Something becomes good or bad depending on who uses it. So if we decide to use social media only in the right way, networking sites can always be a boon!

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