Child abuse: The Biggest Social Evil

When the mental, physical or the psychological wellbeing of a child is disturbed then it means the child is abused. These harassments might not be necessarily done by a third person or a stranger, sometimes parents and caretakers can also be involved. Forcing a child to do something that she doesn’t like, manhandling the girl and thrashing the child mercilessly, sexually harassing a girl, verbally accusing a girl all come under abusing the child. Child abusing cases, cause a lot of death rate especially among the school going girls.

Child abuse: The Biggest Social Evil

Causes of child abuse:

  • A child can be mentally, physically or psychologically abused. It must also be understood that neglecting someone is also a kind of abuse that will emotionally hurt a person
  • Being too much open in social media, without restricting oneself is one of the factors for physical harassments and mistreatment.
  • Parents have to teach their children, the way they have to lead their lives. As parents when you find that the child isn’t taking the right path, try advising the child in a peaceful manner and make her understand the negative implication, causes, and effects of social media.
  • Befriending strangers: without understanding the reality and vulnerability of being friendly with a total stranger. This might lead the person to misbehave victimize you.
  • Lack of awareness and education are also important factors for abusing a girl child.

Effects of child abuse:

  • The effects can be broadly emotional or physical. That is a victim might suffer might suffer emotional or physical disturbances or at times both.
  • Manhandling or hitting a girls child can injure or hurt the girl leaving bruises on her skin. She will also find it hard to emotionally tackle the unfair encounter causing psychological problems and depression.
  • Victims might give in to suicidal thoughts or might harm themselves in some other way to get rid of the anger and pain.
  • The girl will prefer to stay alone, away from people and will be hesitant to mingle fearing the earlier incidents

How to prevent child abuse:

Always remember to be bold and never hesitate to ask help from the right person. Asking for help when you face abusing can help you to save yourself at times of need. If in case you are victimized by anybody, make sure you share it someone who can really help you, never get scared to expose the wrong person. Always it prevents the wrong person from getting close to you. Express yourself to your family and keep yourself transparent. This will help your parents to guide you in the right way. As a part of the society, we should all take it as a social responsibility to help the victims of abuse instead of cornering them or avoiding them. Giving them a secure environment can recover them from the trauma and depression.


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