Social Media and its impact Social networking is an internet based platform that facilitates communication across the global. With technology getting to the next level every single day, social networking sites play the part of keeping the world close and prevents it from falling apart due to failure in communication....

Child Abuse: Girl

Child abuse: The Biggest Social Evil When the mental, physical or the psychological wellbeing of a child is disturbed then it means the child is abused. These harassments might not be necessarily done by a third person or a stranger, sometimes parents and caretakers can also be involved. Forcing a...

I am a Ukrainian

I am a Ukrainian My friend Ben Moses put this video together. It’s a direct address and appeal for support for the protests in Ukraine. The woman speaking took a big risk in filming this and speaking so openly. We read about Ukraine and other countries fighting for democracy in the news,...
In Honor of Crabby Teenage Daughters I’m slightly addicted to my site stats.  For those of you who don’t write a blog or maintain a website or seek personal validation from numerical analysis, site stats are a break down of how many people visit your site and where they’re coming...
  Ode to Crabby Teenage Girls My girls are 18 and 15 now. So I’ve been wrangling teenage girls for a while. I can’t say much about the specifics of our life because that would be invading the girls’ privacy. I don’t want to do that and anyway, it would make them crabby. But here are a...
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